"We Are In The Making Of A Notary Public Profession."
Annual Notary Public Day - November 2013
The 2nd Annual Notary Public Day program developed by NNA 2009 Notary of the Year, Elaine Wright, and implemented in conjunction with the Prince Georges Community College in Largo, Maryland, was a tremendous success for all Notaries and industry officials who attended. The program included a 3-hour general session and twelve (12) 50-minute workshops on notarial, notary signing agent, title insurance producer, and related topics. More than 130 prospective, new, and seasoned Notaries Public from various Maryland counties, Virginia, and Washington, DC attended the program. For more information, click here

2011 Adjunct Faculty of the Year Award, Prince George's Community College

Elaine Wright received the 2011 Adjunct Faculty of the year award for excellence and dedication to training Notaries Public in the state of Maryland and surrounding areas. The award was presented by the President of Prince George's Community College, Dr. Charlene Dukes. Elaine is a proud recipient of this award.

  Faculty of the Year
Elaine Wright & Dr. Charlene Dukes

Q&A: Elaine Wright Reflects On The Global Role Of The Notary

Elaine WrightNNA's 2009 Notary of the Year, loves traveling around the world and, as a dedicated Notary educator and Signing Agent, takes time during her sojourns to meet with Notaries worldwide. The International Section caught up with Elaine to discuss her recent trip to Australia and New Zealand [April 2012] and what she discovered after her encounter with Notaries Down Under.

To read the National Notary Association's article, click Click here.
To read about Elaine's South Pacific tour, click Click here.

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September 1 - 8, 2013 - Frederick Harris and I just completed a wonderful 7-day cruise on the Royal Caribbean Allure of the Seas cruise ship. We docked at Nassau, St. Thomas, and St. Maarten. While in Nassau, I continued my mission as a global Notary to speak with a Notary Public about the role of a Notary Public. We visited the Mackay & Moxey Chambers, Shirlaw House, Shirley Street, Nassau, Bahamas. We met with Joseph J. Moxey, Attorney-at-Law & Notary Public, and had the following discussion:

  • Attorney Moxey's education consisted of 3 years of Bachelors and 1 year of law.
  • In Nassau (British), when one completes the education requirements of an attorney, he/she automatically becomes a Notary Public
  • Notaries who are not Attorneys hold the title of Justice of the Peace.
  • There are no differences in the duties performed by an Attorney Notary and a Justice of the Peace Notary.
  • Some Pastors become Notaries also.
  • All documents to be notarized are considered "Affidavits."
  • All documents are stamped "Sworned and subscribed before me ..."
  • The basic fee for notarization is $50.
  • Some Notaries perform the service pro bono.
  • Some may charge $10 or $20 per notarization.
  • Some law offices charge the full $50.

Attorney Moxey was not familiar with the "protest" notarial act.

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Fred and Elaine with Attorney Moxey in Nassau, Bahamas.

Elaine Wright Makes History - October 13, 2009

JudgeFacciola   JudgeFacciola

First Digitally-Signed Judicial Order Issued
By U.S. District Court Federal Magistrate Judge;
Identity Verified by TEA

WASHINGTON, D.C., — In an event that could transform the manner in which orders are issued throughout the entire judicial system, a U.S. District Judge has issued the nation’s first digitally-signed, all-electronic judicial order. To continue reading article, Click here.

  WASHINGTON, DC--(Marketwire - September 21, 2009) - U.S. District Court Federal Magistrate Judge Issues First Digitally Signed Judicial Order
Ushering in a new era of efficient and secure delivery of legal judicial orders, the Honorable John M. Facciola, Magistrate Judge for the U.S. District Court in the District of Columbia, has issued the first digitally signed judicial order in U.S. history.
To continue reading article, Click here.


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Adopt-A-School Project Successful!

Thank to all Notaries who helped to make our 2009 Adopt-A-School Project a great success! This year, we collected enough school supplies to donate to "2" schools! The supplies were donated to Dodge Park Elementary School in Landover and again to Ridgecrest Elementary School in Hyattsville. Mr. Heller, the Principal of Ridgecrest Elementary School, stated that there were 33 homeless children attending the school this year.

We look forward to next year's Adopt-A-School Project being even bigger. If you have suggestions of a school in need of supplies, please let me know.

DodgeParkElem   RidgecrestElem
Left, Deborah Murphy-McCree, Counselor
Right, Victoria Holmes, Assist. Principal
Dodge Park Elementary School
Mr. Heller, Principal
Ridgecrest Elementary School
Hyattsville, Maryland

Thanks to the following Notaries and client for their contributions to the 2009 Adopt-A-School Project [If I have inadventently omitted your name, please contact me immediately.]

*Ruby Blanks Estela Rodriguez ($25.00)
Towanda Clowe ($25) Wanda Moore
Sandra Davis Bettie McClure
Janice Garland Dara Mills
Tavia Gregory **Tammy Phelps ($50)
Frederick Harris Elaine Wright

This project is one of many ways that we give back to our community. This is the second year that we contributed to this cause.

In 2007 we donated school supplies to Ridgecrest Elementary School in Hyattsville. Mr. Heller, the Principal, was pleased to hear that his school had been selected as the first school for this program. He informed me that there are 23 homeless children attending Ridgecrest and expressed a need for school supplies, backpacks, and floral arrangements to enhance the look in the school auditorium.

We were recognized in Ridgecrest Elementary School Improvement Plan Executive Summary, 2008 - 2009. [The Notaries recognized were from Maryland, Washington, DC and Virginia.]

Notaries donated supplies using the list below as a guide. Monetary donations were used to purchase other needed items to the school.

• #2 Pencils • Spiral Notebooks • Paper Towels
• Erasers • Boxes of Tissues • 24-Count Crayons
• Hand Sanitizers • Glue Sticks • Scissors
• Clorox Wipes • Post-it Notes • Folders w/ 2 pockets
• Black Composition Notebooks • Index Cards • Book Bag/Back Pack
• Plastic Ziplock Bags (Gallon size) • $5.00 for National Geograpic Magazine • Rulers w/ 12 inches and 30 centimeters
• Notebook paper • Non-battery pencil sharpener • White Out
Please note that this project is voluntary.

*Ruby Blanks is Wanda Moore's sister. She is a great supporter of the Notary profession. Thanks so much Ruby!

**Tammy Phelps, a Notary client [I did not know her.], came to me with a notarial request on August 4, 2009. She inquired about the number of notarizations that qualified me for Notary of the Year. I told her that it took more than notarizations. There are other ways in which Notaries give back to the community. I explained to her the Adopt-A-School Project. She thought the project was such a worthy and honorable cause; she immediately wrote me a check for $50 to purchase more school supplies!!! Thanks so much Tammy.

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2009 NNA Notary of the Year Scholarship Award Presented to
Prince George's Community College

Notary of the Year Grant Award Comments
by William Anderson

"Every year, the National Notary Association honors a special individual as the country's Notary of the Year for exemplifying outstanding public service in his or her work. As part of this tribute, the National Notary Association, in cooperation with the National Notary Foundation, recognizes our honoree's achievement by presenting a cash grant to the educational institution of his or her choice. This year our 2009 Notary of the Year, Elaine Wright, designated Prince George's Community College as the recipient of the grant award."

"Seeing that Notary education and personal achievement are top priorities for the Foundation, this contribution to Prince George's Notary education program is most fitting. So on behalf of the National Notary Association and our Notary of the Year, Elaine Wright, I am pleased to present Prince George's Community College with this endowment from the National Notary Foundation."



Dr. Mosser (center), Vice President of Workforce Development and Continuing Education Division, accepted a $500 Scholarship award on behalf of the Prince George's Community College presented by National Notary Association Vice President of Best Practices and eNotarization, William Anderson. As a recipient of the 2009 Notary of the Year award, I selected Prince George's Community College as the institution of my choice to receive the scholarship award.

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