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Can a Notary Public (state of VA) ) notarize a document with a cover letter that has my name on it? There is no benefit for the Notary. The cover letter is not the document that you are notarizing. Since you are not named in the document that you are notarizing, it is okay to notarize that document.
Yesterday, my employer, an attorney gave me something to notarize. My name was already typed in as the notary, but it was spelled wrong and did not include my middle initial, which I am required to use. She told me that didn't matter. I signed it correctly, but I am thinking I should have made them correct it. Am I right??? When notarizing, you are required to use the name that you signed when you took your oath. Remember, everything in the notarial wording should be "true." Did you make the correction and initial it?
I am interested in becoming a Mobile Notary Signing agent. I am a resident of the State of Maryland, and yet, I work in VIRGINIA. I sent off my Notary registration to the State offfices in Maryland (and am waiting for my accepted Notary status from the State), but I have a work address in Virginia and spend much of my time in VA also. My question is, How can I be a Mobile Notary Signing agent (concurrently) in BOTH Maryland and Virginia? You want to become a Notary Signing Agent in your home state first. Then you can contact Maryland Insurance Administration (MIA) regarding reciprocity requirements.
Conducting debt settlement closings.
I am really concerned and would like to give the lender time to find someone else if this request seems in any way fishy. My best question is whether or not I should question the merits of any request or just do what they ask.

This appears to be a debt settlement company. There are times when consumers go to them for help. We have no way or even the time for investigating these companies. The most common issue that have been brought to my attention is the tendency for these companies to overcharge for services rendered. Again, that is not something we have anything to do with. I suggest that you "google" "debt settlement companies in Maryland" and read about it and make a determination if you want to complete the assignment. I have done debt settlements in the past. If I know that it is a debt settlement assignment, I tend to shy away from it; but who knows, it could be a positive experience for some consumers. However, sometimes you have to try something once (as long as it is not illegal) to make a determination as to whether you wish to do it again. Do your research on the Internet regarding debt settlement companies. Click here to read a report from a web site that I looked at this morning.

Below is an "excerpt" from a 2010 report:
Maryland Law Regulating Debt Settlement
The debt settlement industry is unregulated in Maryland. Maryland consumers can seek restitution under existing laws but there are no laws to codify the terms and conditions under which the debt settlement industry can operate within the state. Today, laws can only help consumers after they have been harmed by the debt settlement industry rather than protecting consumers from harm at the outset.

Hi Elaine, Can you tell me please what this means? if there is no notarial wording you must perform an Official Witness type notarization [the Notary witnesses the Signer signing the document]. As a notary can I just write in with my own hand, "I have witnessed the signature of (name of signer) this blank day of blank, 2013?" and then I sign as a notary and stamp? Is that good enough if there is no notarial wording? According to the Maryland Notary Handbook, Part IV, #26, Page 9: Maryland Notary Handbook,
If a document presented for notarization does not contain a notarial certificate reflecting the taking of an oath or acknowledgment, a notary may witness the signing of the document in the Notary’s official capacity as follows:
  1. a.      Obtain satisfactory proof of the identity of the person signing the document;
  2. b.     Record the notarization in the Notary’s register of official acts;
  3. c.     Observe the signing of the document;
  4. d.     Date, sign and apply the notary’s seal or stamp to the document; and
  5. e.      Indicate the date on which the Notary’s commission expires.

My question is whether a notarized letter would enhance the legality or validity of a cancellation of a contract? Thanks for your prompt response as I am running out of time. To answer your question, the purpose of a notarization is to verify that the person (signer of the document) appeared before the Notary. The signer acknowledges his/her signature or affirms/swears that the statements in the documents are true.
I'm a notary with the District of Columbia, Virginia and Maryland.  Can you please advise me of what state I should obtain a title insurance license?  My home of resident id District of Columbia. You would apply for the title producer license in your home state. Then, inquire about reciprocity procedures with the other two states/jurisdictions.


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