"We Are In The Making Of A Notary Public Profession."
Annual Notary Public Day 2013
.Thank you for putting together a wonderful day. It was so informative and fun. I really got a lot out of it. Gina Walker
The Conference was first rate. Thank you. Lois Hall
I missed your courses offered earlier in the year but the workshops really provided me greater insight for now.  Not only did I learn a lot, I also had so much fun! Cynthia Davis
It was very informative and I am looking forward to next years' event. Ruth Wicker
Hey Elaine, what a great seminar. So glad you gave me a call because I didn't see the email. Glad I changed my schedule to come. Very informative and necessary with all the industry changes. Whew!
It flowed very nicely and alot of our questions and concerns were addressed and answered.
A complete success! Take care. Penny Telesford
Hello Elaine, I enjoyed the National Notary Day program again this year.  You did an awesome job planning this day for all of us.  Thank goodness you are a front runner for our area because it makes us stronger as a group.
Thank you very much for hosting and presenting the MD Notary Public Day.  It was very informative and helpful for my business. The seminar was very good! Jeff Lefkof
I really enjoyed the event on Saturday...great workshops and invaluable information!  I am so glad I attended. Princess Hunter
Another great Notary Public Day!!  Thank you for all of your hard work coordinating this event. Janet Holloway
I have exceedingly enjoyed the Annual Notary Day Event presented this last past Saturday. In fact to share with you I have been blessed by all the introductions, productions and information that was put forth. Thank You and I would be delighted to continue with other Notary workshops offered by you. Shirley Young
Great Job on the Notary Day!!!! The speakers and workshops were on point and very informative.  I'm glad I came.  Cheryl Summers
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September 9, 2013 From: "Lennox B"
To: thedeskofelainewright@comcast.net
Sent: Monday, September 9, 2013 5:21:43 PM
Subject: Elaine My Invisible Coach
Hello Elaine,

I had my first signing today after I accepted the assignment on Thursday. I was very nervous when I accepted the assignment, but I was confident that once I go through the package and review it I will be ok. It was not until Friday that I realized that the borrower was sent the packaged which he is required to bring to the signing.  I was really nervous now.

Here I am, no package to review, my first signing and I don't have a clue as to what to expect.  Well, I said to myself what else could go wrong.  I was given the address for the closing. I thought this would be an office dwelling.  It was a 6 story building, no indication of what suite the signing location would be. I found this out Sunday, so no way to get in contact with the Title Company. I decided to call the borrower on Sunday.  I told him I was at the location for the signing but had no clue what floor or office it would be. He told me that this was his place at work and when I reach there on Monday call and he will let me in.

So it's Monday (Today). I am there at 8:30 AM for the 9:00AM appointment.  I call the borrower at 9:00, no answer. Then at 9:15am he calls and ask if I am here.  He meets me in the parking lot and said let's begin!! Well, I did what I had to do. I was ready with all the tidbits I got from your Loan Document Class.  One hour after, I was done!!

I would not have been able to do this without the advice and coaching from attending your loan signing class. So I was not alone, I had you, my invisible mentor at my side.

Thank You Elaine. Kind regards:

Lennox (and Jenny), L&J Notary Services
Denise Terrell I would like to say thank you for all of the encouragement during this process of becoming a signing agent in the Maryland. I just recently passed my NSA test and I am waiting for my background check to come back. I will be registering for your classes at PG soon and hope to become a part of the team that you are developing.
Rita "Elaine, the notary classes were so informative, and I learned so much more than I had anticipated. All the classes either met or exceeded my expectations of what is really required to become a Notary Public. You and Mr. Harris put everything in perspective and made it easy to understand the procedures from beginning to end.The classes are a must for beginners as well as experienced Notaries." Rita, Maryland Notary Public since 2004 (Sep 2012)



With a dual commission in DC and Maryland and over 20 years of notarial experience, I thought I knew everything about notarizing. Boy, was I wrong! The core Notary courses taught by Elaine Wright and Fred Harris were very informative and packed with detailed how-to’s for any notary public, whether experienced or not. The instructors were well prepared, engaging and taught with clarity. Class interaction also facilitated the learning process. I am better equipped now to administer the duties and responsibilities of a professional notary public. I can say without reservation that this was money well spent!

I have now completed all of the core Notary courses in addition to the others offered through PGCC. I enjoyed the online classes too because they provided the flexibility and convenience I needed with my busy schedule. The quizzes in the online courses were excellent tools for assessing my understanding of the information taught. I am so happy that I made the sacrifice of time and money to attend, and the sacrifice was well worth it. I walked away feeling well-equipped to handle any situation that may arise regarding notarial transactions. You and Fred also presented other income-earning opportunities (i.e. notary signing agent, etc.) that I never considered prior, but opportunities that I may wish to pursue in the future.

Thanks to your excellent teaching skills and suggestions, I now have a notebook (complete with my course materials and other notary resources). It looks pretty good, too! I recently joined the National Notary Association (NNA), and I have acquired E&O insurance. I plan to get business cards, and maybe even attend the 2013 NNA conference in Austin, Texas! As you can see, you've made a tremendous impact in this endeavor.

Debbie R. Best-Schneidmill, Washington, D.C. Notary Public (Sep 2012)

Dec. 2012 Testimonials from "Advanced Notarization Online Class" held in December 2012

General Comment
This is my first online class and I was devastated when I did the first test and did not come up with all the answers. I became depressed and thought that I could not cut it and would not be able to complete the class. When I got over my funk, I emailed Elaine and she walked me through and by asking me questions she showed me that I did know. Thanks to the system used I was able to retake the test and move on. As the saying goes " reading is fundamental" and preparation is everything. My printer was out of ink and I had completely missed the Notary Public Code of Professional Responsibility but when I was able to print all the resources I was better prepared and answering the questions became easier. I have developed the phrase WWED (What Would Elaine Do) in solving issues and i have become a lot more confident. I read the Journal and saw that we did not merely have a teacher in Elaine, we were in the presence of Notarial Royalty. I am extremely grateful that I had the chance to learn from the best.
Joy Harris

Notary Code of Professional Responsibility (Resource Material)
I am so happy that we were given this information in the Public Code of Professional Responsibility because I know several notaries who are commissioned in Maryland and they do not have a clue of the duties and responsibilities beyond using their stamp and signing. Most recently the day I came to the Notary Public Procedures class I had to go to the bank first and got to chatting with the tellers and mentioned that I was coming to this class-they looked at me like I was crazy and said that they never heard of such needless to say they were not even interested to find out or explore what was entailed.

The Public Code of Professional Responsibility has " broken the code" to the Handbook for Maryland Notaries It has demystified so much of what is in the Handbook to the point that what once seemed so daunting now gives you that "aha" feeling when you truly get it and you start thinking like a notary. I have read even the footnotes to make sure that I get all of the arguments and explanations. I am going to put mine in sheet protectors so that I can look up information and ensure that I am doing the right thing.
Joy Harris

Vancura vs. Katris - Kinko's Court Case
At the outset, let it be understood that I am odd - I love reading court cases. This one was particularly fascinating reading with all its twists and turns; I don't think anyone involved had clean hands at the end of the day. While the court decisions were a mixed bag (we'll get back to that shortly) the takeaway for our profession is consistent with everything else we've seen - stick to the book. The notary clearly cut corners, and his omissions facilitated a garden variety fraud with fallout that was anything but. I did find final outcome curious. The trial court clearly went beyond existing state law in applying what were essentially third-party, uncodified standards. Case law on that sort of thing is all over the map, but in the fields I've got experience in (environmental and aviation) you are pretty much held to the higher of the law or industry-standard best practices. (Ask BP Oil about that one - they followed "the rules" and still made a mess.) And, in most cases an employer is responsible for the misconduct of its employees - whether consciously aware of that conduct or not. I understand that a notary is a sworn official of the state, but at the same time the customer came into the Kinko's in search of notary service and Kinko's, through its employee, provided that service. So, they are "holding themselves out" as the lawyers say, and in my mind that assigns to them some responsibility. I found the manager's lack of awareness of the requirements particularly troubling - if you're going to supervise somebody, you should understand their job to the point of being able to ascertain that it's being carried out properly. That's just basic. The Supreme Court, interestingly, found otherwise - that it was all the employee's problem and that Kinko's was devoid of legal responsibility. In my book that makes no sense, but this isn't my book. The lesson for us is pretty clear - do it right the first time.
Stanley Fetter

Vancura vs. Katris - Kinko's Court Case
It is imperative to follow the state laws enhanced by the National Notary Association standard of care & professionalism for each and every document being notarized. In this case, although it was Kinko's responsibility to provide adequate notarial training for the Notary Public, the Notary Public should have taken a personal responsibility to ensure that he was conducting his official notarial duties properly, professionally and legally. This lesson teaches us to take ownership of all our official notarial acts, making sure we've properly identified and witnessed the signer, and to safeguard the seal and journal.  Doris Witcher

Why Notarizatin is More Relevant Than Ever (NNA White Paper)
NNA provides valuable and necessary insight on the need to convey trust in a society that's evolving at a rapid technological pace. Because trust is extremely vital in transacting business it is critical that Notary Publics be properly trained to carry out notary transactions in a skilled and ethical manner. I served as a Notary Public while employed at a federal government agency in 1970. Basically, I was given a manual to read, answered a few questions at the court house, received my commission, and began signing documents. I am so glad that I enrolled in this class!
Sylvia Johnson

Why Notarization is More Relevant and Vital Than Ever
This was a great read!!! I interpreted the NNA's White Paper, "Why Notarization is More Relevant and Vital Than Ever" as having captured the essence and criticality of what Notary is all about and that's one of great integrity, that involves many facets of our everyday life, namely the housing industry, banking industry, criminal justice/law industry and now even the travel industry. As mentioned trust and integrity have fallen to an all-time low with the economy being in the condition that it's in. So that level of trust has to be reestablish via some mechanism and no doubt that Notaries Public will be a play a primary role in helping to reestablish that level of integrity, authenticity and trust.
Latonya Carroll


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