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Welcome to the Wright Notary Public News website. This site is designed to provide Notaries Public with news, information, and training pertaining to the Office of the Notary Public from a local and national perspective. Information is shared from the National Notary Association (NNA), the Notary Division of the Office of the Secretary of State, Maryland Land Title Association, and the Maryland Insurance Administration.   These changing times require that Notaries Public (NP) and Title Insurance Producer Independent Contractors (TIPIC) aka Notary Signing Agent (NSA) professionals be flexible and adaptable to changing expectations and requirements in the mortgage industry. Legal and operational changes are constantly being implemented to restore trust and confidence in real estate business transactions and to maximize operational efficiencies for both lenders and borrowers. All Notary professionals will need to determine how to successfully and profitably adhere to and incorporate these changing requirements in their business plans and operations.   The view that a Notary Public is just a “rubber stamper” is fading.  In fact, the role of the Notary Public as society’s front line of defense against document fraud is widely being accepted. Government and businesses are looking to Notaries to act as “trust agents” to implement new programs and requirements against theft and fraud. It is imperative that Notaries Public be "solidly grounded" in notarial training to help understand their role, perform basic and challenging notarial duties, and willingly learn new skills in preparation for new opportunities.
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